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Why people perceive world differently: Projection phenomenon explained

Why people perceive world differently: Projection phenomenon explained Why people can see the same things in different ways (photo: Freepik)

People always perceive the world around them through the lens of their own experience, context, and emotional state. Therefore, they feel and react to the same objects or events in very different ways. This phenomenon is associated with the concept of projection, writes the Telegram community Psychological support.

Defining projection

Projection is a psychological mechanism involving the transference of one's feelings and traits onto others. It can significantly distort our perception of reality and lead to incorrect conclusions about other people, becoming a source of conflict.

For example, a person under stress may see negativity in a text without a smiley from a partner or colleague. A trusting person sees traitors around. A person with low self-esteem will find signs of disrespect in the words and actions of others.

How to improve the situation

According to psychologists, projection is a hint in itself. If you suddenly have a strong reaction to people or events, ask yourself why. Learning to recognize your projections allows you to control how you perceive the world, making it simpler and more enjoyable.

List of Practices:

  • Joint movie watching: After watching a movie, discuss it with friends or a partner. Listen carefully to how each person perceived the film. Ask about possible hidden motives of the characters. Pay attention to differences in the use of words and interpretations.

  • Self-reflection: Recall a situation where you misunderstood a message. Also, recall your psychological state at that moment. Consider whether the perception of information would change in a different state.

  • Analysis of situations when you were not understood: Psychologists recommend remembering a situation where someone misunderstood your message. Why did this happen? What conclusion did you draw?

Experts note that projections influence how we see the world and can trigger different reactions. When individuals become aware of this process, they can control their reactions, better understand each other, and build harmonious relationships with the world.

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