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Psychologist reveals how to feel happy

Psychologist reveals how to feel happy A psychologist tells how to become happy (photo: Freepik)

Certainly, you won't find a person who doesn't want to feel happy. The feeling of happiness largely depends on behavior, mindset, and habits, according to psychologist Iryna Kulik.

How to be happy

The psychologist suggests trying to close your eyes and remember the people in your life. Remember their smiles, warm words, and hugs, joyful trips, and walks.

"And you will feel warmth and a smile on your face - that's happiness. It is always in our hearts. You just need to touch it," she says.

Remember that happiness is in simple things that many people simply don't notice.

How to enjoy life

Forget the need to make a good impression on others

You need to stop stressing out trying to be someone you're not.

It's impossible to please everyone. Those who truly love and appreciate you, know the real you and will love you despite everything.

Don't be afraid of changes

Changes are normal, they are necessary for us to move forward. Changes cannot be predicted, but it's worth learning to be flexible and calm in accepting the new.

Forget the need to always prove you're right

Many are willing to argue their point of view even at the risk of breaking great relationships, causing pain and stress. But it's not worth it.

Let guilt feelings go

Feelings of guilt accompany us throughout life. At first, we owe something to our parents and teachers, then to loved ones, children, and colleagues. Get rid of the feeling of guilt, and you will instantly breathe easier.

Avoid communication with toxic people

Toxic people can be your colleagues or family. After talking to them, you feel tired, irritated, drained, and emotionally pained. Try to see and hear these people as rarely as possible. Life is short, let them find another victim.