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Who is behind rumors about Putin's death: Experts' opinions

Who is behind rumors about Putin's death: Experts' opinions Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (

One of the Russian conspiracy amateurs may be involved in spreading rumors about the death of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Other countries may also be interested, according to RBC-Ukraine's article "Putin died? Who is behind fake, and why his death won't end Russia-Ukraine war."

General SVR Telegram channel

The first report about the supposed death of the dictator was spread by an anonymous Telegram channel called General SVR, which was previously popularized by the Russian political scientist Valery Solovei. He often referred to the General SVR channel in his speeches, and many consider him the gray cardinal of the channel.

Believing in the "insides" of Putin's critical condition, his death, and preparing for a power transition is not advisable, as a military and political analyst for Information Resistance Group, Oleksandr Kovalenko, told RBC-Ukraine.

"I don't trust this channel. I know who is associated with it - it's Professor Solovey, who is more of a conspiracy theorist amateur than a professor. I believe he only spreads conspiracy theories. Out of all the messages he posts, only 10% have something connected to reality. Everything else is his personal fantasies. I don't believe this channel at all," he noted.

Vladyslav Seleznov, a former Chief of the Press Service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, subscribes to General SVR and states that the channel was recommended to him by a respected person within the security services.

Other countries may be involved

Seleznov is not sure that General SVR is a Russian information product and does not rule out that the PSYOP story comes from another country interested in provoking turmoil in Russia.

We won't know about the death immediately

Kovalenko notes that the world would likely learn about Putin's death roughly in the same way as it did about the death of Joseph Stalin in March 1953.

"If Putin dies while still in power, there will initially be an information vacuum. Then suddenly everyone will find out that the leader has passed away, and they will arrange a grandiose funeral and share power. This will be a relatively light situation, similar to what happened with Stalin," he added.


On October 26, Telegram channels erupted with the "news" of Vladimir Putin's supposed death. However, today the President of Russia appeared at the Security Council meeting.

As noted by a representative of Ukraine's intelligence, Andrii Yusov, Ukrainians should react cautiously to these rumors.

"We need to analyze who benefits from this. Ukrainians should respond to this cautiously," Yusov explained.