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White House responds to rumors about Trump's peace plan regarding Ukraine

White House responds to rumors about Trump's peace plan regarding Ukraine John Kirby, White House National Security Council coordinator (photo: Getty Images)

The White House has confirmed its position that Ukraine alone can decide when and under what circumstances to negotiate with Russia regarding cessation of hostilities. This statement from the US presidential administration came in response to media reports alleging the existence of a plan by the former head of state to swiftly end the war, according to John Kirby, the US National Security Council's coordinator for strategic communications.

During a briefing, an official was asked to respond to the framework mentioned by Reuters, which reported that two close advisors to Donald Trump presented a war cessation plan involving Ukraine being coerced into negotiations with Moscow and making territorial concessions.

John Kirby, primarily, noted his reluctance to comment on electoral campaigns in which Trump participates. He also expressed skepticism regarding such a peace plan allegedly discussed by the former president's advisors.

"I'm not going to get, you know, into a public debate here with respect to what former President Trump’s advisors may or may not be talking to him about it," he said.

Furthermore, a White House representative emphasized President Joe Biden's steadfast, sharp, and consistent support for Ukraine.

"We built a global coalition now - more than 50 countries that are supporting Ukraine as they defend themselves. He just signed at the G7 in Italy, a week or so ago, a historic bilateral security agreement with Ukraine. And he understands - he understands that the stronger Ukraine’s position is on the battlefield, the stronger they will be at the negotiating table when that time comes, Marek. And you know who gets to decide when that time comes? President Zelenskyy. And nobody else," Kirby stated.

He also reiterated Washington's stance: "Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine."

"And we’re standing strong to make sure that President Zelenskyy has everything he needs so that if and when he’s ready to go to the table, he can do it from a position of strength and that he knows he’s got our backing and the backing of those some 50-some-odd countries," the official expressed.

Kirby also emphasized that the White House does not intend to pressure Ukraine to give up any of its territory because we understand that if Putin is allowed to conquer Ukraine and subjugate its people, any of its people, the consequences will be severe.

What preceded it

Recently, Reuters reported that two key advisors to former US President Trump presented a plan regarding the war in Ukraine. According to the plan, the US would provide support to the country only if Kyiv agreed to sit down for negotiations with Russia. At the same time, Washington will warn Moscow that its refusal to engage in talks will result in increased support for Ukraine.