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White House: Putin's 'peace talks' defy morality and common sense

White House: Putin's 'peace talks' defy morality and common sense White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (Photo:

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's so-called "peace" proposals defy morality and common sense. The Ukraine Peace Summit is the core of the peace process, according to White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

"What we heard from President Putin as he laid out his vision for peace a couple of days ago, where he said, not only does Ukraine have to give up the territory Russia currently occupies, but Ukraine has to leave additional sovereign Ukrainian territory before Russia will negotiate. And Ukraine must disarm so that it is vulnerable to future Russian aggression down the road. No responsible nation can say that is a reasonable basis for peace," he said.

Sullivan emphasized that the Peace Summit is the right approach and path to achieving peace.

The US President's advisor noted that the summit defined the core principles that peace should adhere to: the principles of the UN Charter, international law, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the impossibility of one state conquering another.

What did Putin say

On the eve of the Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia is allegedly ready for negotiations with Ukraine and made a "real peace proposal." Putin put forward demands to Ukraine, including territorial concessions.

For more details on Putin's ultimatum and why Ukraine will not comply with Russia's demands, see RBC-Ukraine's article.