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White House demands more targeted military campaign in Gaza from Netanyahu

White House demands more targeted military campaign in Gaza from Netanyahu White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is pressing Israel to limit its military operations in the Gaza Strip, according to The Hill.

Currently, Sullivan is on a trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia, as the U.S. relies on its main Arab ally in the region to calm tensions in the Middle East amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The White House announced that Sullivan will urge Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to conduct limited operations in Rafah instead of a full-scale invasion like the one that occurred in other parts of Gaza.

It is believed that over a million people are sheltering in Rafah, the last major settlement not yet captured by Israeli ground forces. Israel has been bombarding the city for several months, raising fears of an escalating humanitarian crisis.

US President Joe Biden has taken a tough stance on Rafah, pledging to cut off military aid to Israel if it invades the city. Despite incursions into some areas of the city, the Biden administration has stated that the current operations have not crossed the line that would trigger a halt in arms supplies.

Rafah offensive

Recently, Israel announced its intention to carry out a military operation in Rafah, located in the southern Gaza Strip. According to Tel Aviv, Hamas terrorists are still in the city, disguising themselves as civilians.

However, the European Union and the United States have criticized Israel's plans, accusing the country of violating international law.

Previously, the United States halted bomb supplies to Israel, fearing they would cause civilian casualties.

Without a clear plan to protect civilians, the United States will not support IDF operations in Rafah.