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Which zodiac signs can become dependent on alcohol

Which zodiac signs can become dependent on alcohol Which zodiac signs can become dependent on alcohol (illustration: Pixabay)

Alcohol can be both delicious and deceitful if consumed irresponsibly. However, some zodiac signs are drawn to alcohol as if they were moths to a flame.

InstaAstro reveals which zodiac signs excessively love alcohol.


Water signs are more prone to alcoholism than other zodiac signs. Alcohol makes Pisces even more sentimental, so one can expect that the emotions of people of this zodiac sign will become more turbulent when Pisces drink.

Pisces will definitely need help after they get drunk, otherwise they will start doing the craziest things imaginable.

Any Pisces, regardless of their age, will need a "babysitter" at any alcohol-fueled party - to prevent these strong individuals from jumping out of the closet because they suddenly want to fly.


Cancers are experts in alcoholic beverages. If you're planning a party with a Cancer, be prepared to consume a lot of alcohol. They are such enthusiasts for strong drinks that they consume a large amount of alcohol, it nauseates them - and then they drink even more.

However, don't tell them they have to be the designated driver for others in the group - the prohibition will truly upset a Cancer, and they will ruin the evening for everyone. Nevertheless, a party with drinks ends sadly for this zodiac sign.


When it comes to alcohol, earth signs are more enduring than other zodiac signs. They have a higher alcohol tolerance. Capricorns, in particular, can be blunt or snobbish, and besides that, they are unlikely to get drunk.

Capricorns drink as much as the rest of the company, but while everyone else is getting tipsy, the Capricorn looks completely sober. Sometimes it seems like they have an innate sense of sobriety.


Fiery signs like Aries don't need alcohol to maintain the drama they bring to a situation - but they certainly enjoy it more with alcohol.

Aries become less rigid and cynical when they drink, but their rebelliousness sharply increases. As for alcohol tolerance, some Aries individuals can handle an amount of alcohol in their bloodstream that would kill a horse.

Aries is the friend who needs a few "guardians" to ensure that they don't try to jump off the terrace onto the roof or do something else dangerous.


Air signs, like Gemini, are less inclined to alcohol consumption than other zodiac signs. In fact, they value mental stability.

Gemini, in particular, tend to limit their alcohol consumption. There are not so many hardcore alcoholics among them. However, when intoxicated, Geminis can be particularly reckless and disoriented.

Since they make such an effort to maintain pleasant behavior all the time, when a little alcohol loosens their inhibitions, everything unspoken comes pouring out.

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