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These zodiac signs are incorrigible gossipers: Are you on list?

These zodiac signs are incorrigible gossipers: Are you on list? Which signs of the zodiac gossip a lot (photo: Freepik)

Gossiping is one of the social mechanisms that can bring people together. However, of course, gossip can be hurtful - it's not pleasant when someone shares personal secrets with everyone around. And while some zodiac signs gossip out of curiosity, others intend to harm.

The Times of India reports on which zodiac signs love to gossip.


This zodiac sign rarely analyzes the consequences of words and actions. Aries can say the nastiest things and share very personal details without feeling any guilt.

The gossip of Aries is often toxic because they speak without restraint. However, they can also share their real stories, masking them as rumors.


Gemini adore gossip due to their curiosity. They thrive on it - so they always need to keep their ears attuned to other people's affairs. If Gemini is interested in someone, not necessarily in a romantic sense, they will find out everything about that person.

Additionally, most Geminis have a group of friends to discuss what's happening in other people's lives. So be careful about baring your soul to them.


People born under the sign of Pisces enjoy gossiping, but not in a negative sense. They like to stay in the loop about what's happening in the lives of their friends, usually to offer support or analyze their own lives.

Pisces also want to know about troubles, but the good thing is they don't use the information they gather. They don't try to harm their enemies; gossip is just for their personal entertainment.


Scorpios don't share private information when it comes to themselves, but when it comes to someone else's secrets, they unfold like a flower.

However, the problem is that Scorpios find it hard to trust due to this trait. Only tell them something if you want that information spread.


Sagittarians love gossip, and one might assume they only socialize to get the latest news. Though they enjoy receiving information, Sagittarians tend to pass it on to everyone later on.

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