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WhatsApp introduces username-based search

WhatsApp introduces username-based search WhatsApp to add user search by nickname (Photo: Unsplash)

WhatsApp will soon introduce a new feature allowing users to search for people by their username, writes Android Police.

According to sources, the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android has revealed the introduction of a new method for searching users. Now, in addition to searching by name or phone number, users can utilize usernames.

Most likely, in the future, WhatsApp will allow users to choose unique usernames that will be used to search the messenger's database. Currently, the nickname assignment feature is not active, but it is likely to appear in the beta version before being implemented in the standard version.

The introduction of nicknames, similar to those long used in Telegram, promises to make user searches more convenient and improve privacy by allowing the hiding of phone numbers while staying in contact.

WhatsApp introduces username-based search

Locating people by username on WhatsApp (Photo: Android Police)

This new feature is expected to be significant and has long been awaited by WhatsApp users.