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What you need to know before getting dog: Advice from zoopsychologist

What you need to know before getting dog: Advice from zoopsychologist Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

When a puppy appears in the house, the usual way of life changes. Owners must devote enough time to the animal. Therefore, before getting a dog, there are some things you need to know, according to the post by dog trainer and zoopsychologist Daryna Magaletska on Instagram.

Don't scold

An expert says that you should not scold or punish animals with your voice or physically. This is the most important prohibition in human-animal relationships.

Punishments do not solve the causes of unwanted behavior and may even exacerbate the situation. The worst part is that you disrupt the formation of crucial contact and trust between the puppy and yourself, as you become unpredictable to the puppy and bring negativity into its life.

The expert advises teaching the puppy the rules of coexistence.

Avoid unwanted behavior

You should minimize situations in which the puppy can make mistakes:

  • Remove everything that the animal can chew and eat from its access.
  • Clothing, shoes, food, books - everything should be hidden from the animal's sight and reach, and the correct alternative should be offered instead.
  • Do not walk the puppy on a tight leash from the beginning (it is easier to do it correctly from the start than to fix it in the future).
  • Do not leave the dog alone if it is not yet trained.

On the contrary, you should reinforce the desired behavior, i.e., reward (with treats, play, positive emotional reaction) any action that is desirable for us.

It is essential to study the behavior and needs of dogs.

Allow your dog to be a dog, take it for walks, let it sniff, gain new information, interact with the environment and other animals.

Learn to understand the dog's needs to fulfill all the needs of your puppy legally.

You also need to observe body language to understand the desires and moods of the animal.

"Be interesting, supportive, understandable, predictable, and safe for your puppy. This is the best foundation for any interaction and a happy life together," the statement says.