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What to clean at home weekly, monthly, annually: Useful tips many don't know

What to clean at home weekly, monthly, annually: Useful tips many don't know What to clean in the house weekly, monthly and annually (photo: Freepik)

Doing chores is important in daily life. It's important to know what needs regular cleaning and in which months you only need to clean once a year, writes the Real Simple.

What needs cleaning every week


Professional home organizer Shantae Duckworth says that places that are touched most often should be cleaned weekly. This is because microbes accumulate quickly on them.

"These are spots that are touched a lot by multiple people in the house and they can easily accumulate germs!" she said.

Cleaning these places weekly minimizes the risk of disease spread and helps you maintain a clean environment. It is also recommended to clean and disinfect these areas more often if someone in the house is sick.

Sheets and bath towels

It is recommended to wash all the linens you use every day once a week. Timely washing of frequently used items can help prevent allergies and protect against microbes.


The refrigerator should also be cleaned weekly. If you go grocery shopping once a week, ideally, you should clean the refrigerator before heading to the store.

Start by discarding products that have expired.

Things you need to clean every month


Appliances such as ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators can accumulate dirt and odors over time. Monthly cleaning prevents dirt build-up, ensures optimal performance, and extends the life of your appliances.


It's a good idea to clean out your closet every month. This will prevent overloading.

Closets can quickly become cluttered, especially if family members throw things in there without putting them away properly. Therefore, it is worth setting aside time to put things in order.


Items in the pantry are stored a little longer than food in the refrigerator, so they only need to be cleaned once a month.

It's worth checking for expired food and throwing it away.

What to clean every year

Heating and ventilation systems

Your home's HVAC system should also be cleaned regularly. This helps keep all systems dust-free and working at their best. Also, don't forget to change the filters.


Mattresses can accumulate crumbs and dust. Therefore, it's a good idea to vacuum and clean your mattresses every year to prevent allergy and insect and dust mite problems.


If you have small children, toys can be a major source of clutter in the home.

Put away anything that is no longer age-appropriate or that is already damaged.

Holiday decorations

Before you pack up your garlands and decorations and store them after the holidays, take stock of your inventory. If there are decorations that you haven't used or are damaged, it's time to throw them away.