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What shoes you should wear in summer to avoid joint diseases, orthopedist advises

What shoes you should wear in summer to avoid joint diseases, orthopedist advises Photo: What shoes to wear in summer (Freepik)

Choosing footwear is critical as it directly affects joint health, posture, and the ability to move comfortably in the future. Therefore, it is important not to buy uncomfortable, tight, or low-quality shoes. Particular attention should be paid to selecting summer footwear, orthopedic traumatologist Oleksandr Haluzynskyi advised on how to make the right choice, according to RBC-Ukraine.

Key points to choosing footwear for healthy joints

According to the doctor, an optimal option for women is footwear with a small heel height of 3-4 centimeters.

However, the ideal choice would be sports or semi-sports shoes with supination support, which provides cushioning during walking.

By absorbing the load from the knee, hip joints, and lower back, such footwear helps prevent the development of compression, pain, and other problems in the future.

Moments to avoid in youth to prevent problems in old age

The expert advises remembering that joints do not tolerate injuries. He explains that severe injuries sustained during extreme sports activities will inevitably remind you of their presence in old age.

"In old age, they can lead to various joint diseases, including osteoarthritis. Extra weight also contributes to the development of osteoarthritis. Therefore, the two main pieces of advice that will be useful to you in your youth are to take care of your health and avoid serious injuries," he said.

How to choose comfortable footwear correctly

Follow these rules when trying on shoes:

  • Don't try on just one shoe; try on a pair immediately. The reason is that anatomically, your feet may differ from each other. The footwear may fit comfortably on your right foot but not your left.
  • Bend the sole with your hands. It should be elastic and flexible.
  • Avoid purchasing shoes with overly narrow toes or high heels. They will be uncomfortable to wear throughout the day, making them impractical.
  • Choose a pair that fits your size precisely. Footwear that is slightly larger or smaller can seriously harm your foot and joints.
  • Give preference to natural materials. This is important for both warm and cold seasons.

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