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What are the mistakes that kill your youth every day?

What are the mistakes that kill your youth every day? What habits lead to rapid aging (Photo: freepik)

Every woman dreams of preserving her health and youthfulness for as long as possible. However, sometimes the lifestyle leads to the opposite effect. Some daily mistakes provoke premature aging, nutritionist and therapist Olia Abduloieva-Barova shares on Instagram.

Less sugar

The expert advises replacing sugar with honey and snacking more on fruits and dried fruits. Also, do not forget hidden sugars in sauces, ketchup, and ready-made dishes.

It is essential to know that sugar molecules break down collagen, the structural protein of the skin that provides its elasticity and firmness. Afterward, wrinkles will appear, and in other body tissues, aging will accelerate.

It will also disrupt metabolism and wash calcium from the bones, making them more fragile. Fat will accumulate, and overweight people will look significantly older.

Avoid fried foods with a delicious crust

Such food will cause skin inflammation and disrupt its typical structure, making a person look older.

Also, do not add refined oils to salads, which have become trans fats during production. Do not cook with margarine or 72% cream butter - hormonal problems and unnecessary weight gain are guaranteed.


Alcohol is one of the significant factors in aging. Many alcoholic beverages are, in fact, desserts, as they contain a lot of sugar. It is best to drink dry wine or tequila. If you have been drinking, rehydrate with purified water, green and herbal teas.

Less salt

Where salt comes in, water goes out, and if you eat high-salt food, it can draw water from cells and dehydrate the body. When you are dehydrated, you feel tired, which makes you look tired.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks can affect your smile. These drinks can damage tooth enamel eight times more than regular sweet soda water. As a result, teeth will become yellowish.

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