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What annoys hairstylists in clients: Stop doing this things at the salon

What annoys hairstylists in clients: Stop doing this things at the salon Photo: Things you should not do when at the salon (photo: Freepik)

During visits to beauty salons, it is worth avoiding some mistakes that may not be pleasing to your stylist. Hairdressers have named a list of behaviors that annoy them in clients, writes Real Simple.

Criticizing yourself

It is often challenging to sit in a beauty salon for hours while the stylist colors the hair. When in a chair, it is important to avoid using self-deprecating language.

"We are not here to place judgment on you or pick apart any flaw you feel is coming through. We are here to bring out that inner beauty and help you identify with what you see in the mirror," Henskens says.

Looking down during a haircut

When your hairdresser takes out the clippers, you need to sit up straight, put away your phone, and look forward. Failure to do so may jeopardize the final result.

Your attention and upright posture ensure safety while the stylist works with sharp tools. It also helps create a more balanced haircut.

Micromanaging the stylist's work

Feedback is always welcome in the salon chair, but you should not micromanage the stylist's work. This can potentially hinder the hairdresser from fully expressing their creativity and demonstrating their skills.

"As professionals, we all have our own creative approach," says stylist Kallie Henskens.

Stay silent if you don't like the result

It's entirely normal to inform your stylist if you don't like something during a haircut or coloring.

If you mention it at the beginning, the stylist can make adjustments, and you'll leave the salon with a hairstyle you truly like.

"If you don't like the result at the end of the procedure, tell the stylist about it. It's better for your stylist to have a chance to address the issue immediately rather than hearing about it days later or, even worse, through a negative review that could impact their business," experts said.

Ignoring recommended hair products

Everyone has a budget for hair care procedures.

So, if you're spending a significant amount on treatments like lamination or balayage, it's worth using quality hair products recommended by the stylist.

Hairdresser Julius Michael explained that low-quality shampoos often contain harmful components that can ultimately do more harm than good.

Not considering the desired result

It's crucial to clearly describe to the hairdresser what you want. Ignoring this can lead to a result you're not happy with.

"Bring on the visuals and allow us to work our magic," said the hairdresser.

Arriving with oily hair

Julius Michael noted that you should come for hair coloring with clean hair. If there's too much "grease" and dirt in your hair, the products may not yield the desired result.

So, make sure your hair is clean and dry before visiting the salon; this way, the stylist will have "an ideal canvas to work with".

Frequent use of dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is effective but not intended for regular use.

"A big misconception is that dry shampoo cleans hair and then clients think they can just do that instead of cleansing their hair," said stylist Chaz Dean, adding that it is important to properly cleanse your scalp on a regular basis.