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Weirdest professions in the world with high salaries

Weirdest professions in the world with high salaries Every profession is important in its own way (photo: Freepik)

Some professions may, at first glance, seem peculiar but still hold significant importance for a particular field or industry. Salaries in such unusual professions can vary depending on an individual's experience level, reputation, or the size of the company they work for. However, they are rarely insignificant.

RBC-Ukraine shares insights into the weirdest professions in the world and why they are needed.

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Water slide tester

Before opening water slides in water parks or other amusement parks, companies hire special individuals to test the rides. Sometimes, these experts even conduct full-fledged tours at various locations. By experiencing exhilarating emotions and providing feedback, they offer recommendations to manufacturers regarding the quality of the ride, safety during leisure activities, or other necessary details.

Compactor operator in transportation

In some countries, during rush hours, transportation tends to accumulate a large number of people. Due to excessively high passenger traffic, not everyone who wishes to travel in a particular mode of transportation (or its carriage) can do so immediately. To assist them, there are pushers who literally cram people into overcrowded transport. Typically, these are strong individuals tasked with "shoving" people into, for example, a metro train carriage and instructing the driver to proceed.

Professional hugger

If you dream of warm and cozy hugs but don't have the right person "on hand," a professionally trained individual might come in handy. You can count on hugs and nothing more. Such an experience may come at a cost, but the positive emotions are well worth it.

Люди, Девочка, Обнимать, Объятие

Most people enjoy hugging (photo: pixabay)

Dog food tester

To ensure that dog food is of high quality and tasty, manufacturers periodically hire special individuals who test them by sampling the food. Most often, taste testers evaluate the flavor, nutritional value, and packaging of the product. Such food is completely safe for humans, as it includes grains and vegetables in its composition. However, the majority of taste testers typically spit it out.

Person who flips through penguins

By their nature, penguins are unable to lift themselves if they fall on their backs. That's why there are people working in Antarctica to rescue birds that gaze at airplanes in the sky and fall backwards.

Ant hunter

Currently, ant farms created under artificial conditions have become popular worldwide. They are established for observing the life of these insects and researching specific ant species. However, to collect ants for such a farm, a specially trained catcher is required. They must have an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of these insects, as well as the skill to capture them carefully and safely.

Муравьи, Лесные Муравьи, Рука, Опасность

Collecting ants is not as easy as it used to be (photo: pixabay)

Paint inspector

Some companies hire specialized individuals who, throughout their workday, meticulously observe how a particular paint blends, settles, and dries. This involves paying attention to how its color and texture change during the drying process. Some studies are long-term, examining the durability of the paint (whether it will peel off in the coming years) to provide assurance to all future buyers.

Diver for gold balls

During a golf game, balls occasionally end up in the water. To retrieve them from the bodies of water on the golf courses, there are special individuals. They must be proficient swimmers, divers, and possess endurance and strength, as sometimes they have to bring a bag full of such balls to the surface. Interestingly, golf clubs can hire such workers under various contracts. Some return the balls and receive payment for the job, while others may take the balls for themselves and sell them at the best price, keeping the proceeds.

Line attendant

People who dislike standing in queues for extended periods can hire someone else to do it for them. This person will stand in line on their behalf. In the United States and the United Kingdom, there are entire companies dedicated to hiring employees for this type of job.

Люди, Оплачивать, Ожидающий, Линия

You can pay to skip lines (photo: pixabay)

Milker of poisonous snakes

Snake venom is used in the production of many medical drugs, making the profession of milking venomous snakes quite popular in certain parts of the world. However, it is a hazardous occupation, requiring not only comprehensive knowledge but also resilience and agility. Some professionals even engage in the direct capture of necessary snakes in the wild.

Armpit sniffer

Companies that manufacture deodorants or similar hygiene products hire individuals to observe and assess odors, determining the before and after effects of the deodorant's performance. This work is often entrusted to women, as they are believed to have a particularly keen sense of smell and are better able to distinguish between odors.

Shopping assistant

Some people hire special assistants for quality shopping, individuals who not only provide company during store visits but also offer effective advice on various accessories and clothing items. These specialists cater to the tastes and style of potential clients, are knowledgeable about fashion, new collections, and trends, and excel at combining colors to create a complete look for different occasions. These assistants work both in specialized companies and independently as freelancers.

Манекены, Мода, Одежда, Женская Одежда

Sometimes creating a certain image can be challenging (photo: pixabay)

Mattress tester

Some people's job involves, well... lounging on mattresses (or even sleeping). To test the quality of various mattresses, manufacturers hire special individuals and offer them the opportunity to sleep on the products for a certain period or bounce on them. As part of mattress testing, individuals might also be encouraged to relax and read, organize a snack without leaving the bed, or even work with a laptop in bed.