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Ways to save on buying car tires

Ways to save on buying car tires Ways to save on buying car tires (photo: Getty Images)

Tires are becoming increasingly expensive, and choosing the right ones for your car and budget can be challenging. When the time comes to replace one or more tires, it's worth knowing how you can save money.

There are ways to save money when buying new car tires.

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What influences the cost of car tires

The cost of wheels primarily depends on their condition. They can be new or already have a certain mileage.

The price also significantly depends on the tire size, specifically the rim diameter. In particular, the smaller it is, the cheaper the tire. This is due to material savings by the manufacturer, as well as marketing markups.

Thus, the price of 13- and 19-inch wheels of the same brand can differ several times. Before buying, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the tire sizes recommended by the manufacturer for your car.

How to save

Shop earlier

To get the best price for your tires, plan your purchase in advance. Find time to review offers both in person and online.

You can save on choosing new tires by carefully monitoring seasonal discounts on online platforms. Additionally, sometimes a motorist mistakenly buys the wrong size and sells the new item at a significant discount.

Wear and tear

Some tire models are designed for better wear resistance and therefore last longer. You can postpone the next replacement. Make calculations based on the price and average annual mileage.

Try to negotiate

A retail tire seller may be open to negotiating a discount. Not many consumers try this, but you may be surprised by the results.

What to pay attention to when buying

When buying tires online, it's worth paying attention to several points. In particular, there's no need to be shy about asking the seller for additional photos that will help identify possible damage and find out the date of manufacture.

If the photos are generally informative, but you have doubts about the correspondence between the available photos and the product they want to sell you, it's worth asking for several additional shots at your discretion.

Moreover, other ads and experience - how long the seller has been registered on the site - can say a lot about the seller's assortment.