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Venezuela prepares for annexation of part of Guyana

Venezuela prepares for annexation of part of Guyana Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela (ohoto:

The government of Venezuela has announced the creation of a Commission for the protection of Essequibo (a region neighboring Guyana) and ordered the intensification of debates on the establishment of a new state, Guayana Esequiba, according to the Voice of America.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro declared the implementation of the referendum results regarding the protection of Essequibo. According to the National Electoral Council of the country, over 10.4 million people voted in favor.

Maduro stated, "Immediately activate debates in the National Assembly for the approval of an organic law to create the state of Guayana Esequiba and execute the 5 decisions approved by the Venezuelan people."

He added that on December 6, a presidential decree would be published to create the Essequibo Comprehensive Defense Zone to protect Venezuela's territory.

It is also claimed that the parliament is working on the development of an accelerated plan to grant Venezuelan citizenship to people residing in the Essequibo region.

What proceeded this

Venezuela considers the Essequibo region to have become part of its territory after gaining independence from Spain. However, Guyana contends that this territory was part of British Guiana, which became independent as Guyana.

Recently, we reported that Brazil, in response to territorial disputes with its neighbors Guyana and Venezuela, strengthened defense actions along its northern border.

Subsequently, Venezuela announced a referendum on the annexation of a portion of neighboring Guyana. The United Nations has urged restraint from any actions that could escalate the conflict.

According to The New York Times, 95% of participants in the referendum supported Venezuela's annexation of the Essequibo region in the northeastern part of Guyana.