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Valentine's Day heartbreak: These zodiac signs in for rough ride

Valentine's Day heartbreak: These zodiac signs in for rough ride Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

On Valentine's Day, representatives of four zodiac signs may encounter an unpleasant surprise. They could face scandals, broken hearts, and even an evening of solitude. Who won't be lucky on Valentine's Day is revealed by Knowinsiders.


Relationships with your loved one may be very tense. Don't let emotions ruin your romance. On February 14th, everything could intensify due to feelings of injustice, but think several times if you're ready to give up on everything. The situation can be easily corrected, so don't break your own and your significant other's heart.


On February 14th, you should take off your rose-colored glasses and realistically assess your relationship with your loved one. Perhaps you trust too much and allow yourself to lie. Sometimes it's worth realizing the bitter truth and finally making the right choice.


This Valentine's Day may sadden you. People around you don't always think about you and your feelings. That's why cherish those who respect and don't offend you. Find and appreciate such a person; they are already by your side.


On February 14th, you might be overwhelmed with jealousy. Don't hold grudges; talk to your loved one and honestly confess everything. If you try to ignore the problem, it will all end in scandals.

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