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USA may impose sanctions on Chinese companies aiding Russia in its war efforts

USA may impose sanctions on Chinese companies aiding Russia in its war efforts Photo: Kurt Campbell, US Deputy Secretary of State (flickr by US Department of State)

The United States may take measures against Chinese companies that are assisting Russia in its war against Ukraine, states US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell.

"I think where we are primarily focused are on Chinese companies that have been involved in a systematic way in supporting Russia," stated Campbell.

He also disclosed that the US has "looked closely at financial institutions" due to this issue.

"There will be steps that are taken, not just by the United States, but other countries, signaling our profound displeasure about what China is seeking to do in its relationship with Russia on the battlefield in Ukraine," added the US deputy secretary of state.

This statement was made by the American official after a meeting with Japanese and South Korean officials. They were preparing for a summit of the leaders of the three countries, which may take place later this year.

What preceded

It has been repeatedly stated in the West that Chinese companies are selling Russia dual-use goods that the aggressor country can use in the production of weapons.

In particular, the Associated Press, citing US officials, wrote that Russia received 90% of its microelectronics from China in 2023.

Also, the Secretary of Defense of Great Britain, Grant Shapps, recently stated that China is preparing to provide Russia with lethal assistance. This information came from British intelligence.