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US signs billion-dollar contract for Patriot missiles

US signs billion-dollar contract for Patriot missiles Photo: The United States signed a contract to purchase Patriot missiles (Getty Images)

The United States will purchase missiles for Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems. The U.S. Army has signed a $4.5 billion contract, according to Reuters.

The U.S. Army has signed a multi-year contract with Lockheed Martin worth $4.5 billion.

Under the terms of the agreement, the American military ordered 870 PAC-3 MSE missiles and related equipment.

The contract was signed against the backdrop of Russia's war against Ukraine. Western countries have provided Ukraine with Patriot air defense systems to protect against Russian attacks.

According to the publication, Lockheed Martin manufactures the latest PAC-3 MSE anti-aircraft missiles used to arm the Patriot system. According to U.S. Army budget documents, these missiles cost about $4 million each.

Patriot for Ukraine

Ukraine has called on its partners to provide additional Patriot systems amid increased Russian attacks. Germany initially decided to transfer another Patriot system to Ukraine, and Romania recently made a similar decision.

There are also reports that Ukraine and the United States are negotiating with Israel for the transfer of eight Patriot systems. According to RBC-Ukraine, Defense Minister Rustem Umerov discussed the transfer of Patriot systems with the Israeli side last week.

A source in the Israeli Defense Ministry stated that a decision has not yet been made but will be reached soon.

More details about when Ukraine can receive Israeli Patriots can be found in the RBC-Ukraine article.