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US Senate to introduce resolution condemning Hungary's actions

US Senate to introduce resolution condemning Hungary's actions US Senate to introduce resolution condemning Hungary's actions (photo: Getty Images)

US senators will introduce a bipartisan resolution in Congress condemning Hungary's retreat from democracy and calling on its government to lift its blockade of Sweden's accession to NATO.

Senators Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat, and Thom Tillis, a Republican, are preparing to introduce a bipartisan resolution condemning Hungary's retreat from democracy.

In the resolution, the senators note "the important role that Hungary can have in European and transatlantic security" but point out that it has not kept its previous promises not to be the last NATO member to ratify Sweden's membership in the Alliance.

"Hungary has not joined all other NATO member states in approving the accession of Sweden to NATO... jeopardizing trans-Atlantic security at a key moment for peace and stability in Europe," the document says.

In addition, the resolution criticizes Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for interfering in the Hungarian media landscape, restricting civil liberties and trying to suppress dissidents.

Sweden has applied to join NATO in 2022. The only countries that delayed the ratification of membership were Turkey and Hungary. Recently, the Turkish parliament finally approved Sweden's accession to the Alliance.

The last step on Sweden's path to NATO is ratification by the Hungarian parliament. But it is currently on vacation.

Recently, the Hungarian opposition proposed holding an extraordinary session of parliament to ratify Sweden's application. But the ruling party organized a boycott.

The other day it was reported that a bipartisan delegation of the US Congress will visit Hungary to discuss the ratification of Sweden's NATO membership.

Yesterday, the Hungarian prime minister said that Budapest is on the way to ratifying Sweden's membership in NATO.