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US Senate may vote on border-free bill to support Ukraine

US Senate may vote on border-free bill to support Ukraine Photo: The US Senate can vote on aid to Ukraine without being tied to the border (Getty Images)

The leader of the Democrats in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, wants to bring to the attention of senators a package that includes new funding for aid to Ukraine for more than 60 billion euros, without the issue of border protection, reports The Hill.

Schumer still plans to put a package to the vote that combines aid to Ukraine and Israel with protection of the US border. That way, he wants to give Democrats a chance to vote for him and say on the campaign trail that they tried to solve the border crisis.

But most likely, the initiative will not be supported in the Senate, as the Republicans will block it. After that, Schumer plans to start "plan B".

An unnamed Democratic representative in the Senate told the newspaper that Schumer plans to remove the border security clause from the national security package, which includes aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, and bring such an initiative to a vote.

Senators expect that the bill in this form will already be passed, writes The Hill.

US aid to Ukraine

Last year US President Joe Biden invited the US Congress to allocate more than $100 billion for national security needs. More than 60 billion in the package is intended for Ukraine.

Republicans refused to back the initiative because they wanted the package to include tougher measures to protect America's border.

After that, representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties began negotiations to find a compromise. But it was not possible to do so.

Now the Republicans in the Senate want to consider aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan without being tied to the border.