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US seeks Global South support against Russian aggression in Ukraine

US seeks Global South support against Russian aggression in Ukraine US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (GettyImages)

The United States of America plans to push Global South states to condemn Russian aggression against Ukraine, as Financial Times reports.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is going to Denmark this weekend at the request of the Ukrainian government for an undisclosed meeting with representatives of Global South states.

According to media sources, Sullivan plans to meet with representatives from India, Brazil, and South Africa.

The list of meeting participants is currently not finalized and may change. Representatives from Turkey and China may also be present.

As the media said, the purpose of this meeting is driven by the high likelihood of a prolonged war in Ukraine and the risks posed by the developing countries-Russia cooperation. The desired outcome is to persuade countries to refrain from any connections with Russia and condemn its invasion of Ukraine.

India, Brazil, China, and South Africa have not yet joined the Western sanctions against Russia. They are actively seeking "peaceful" and diplomatic ways to end the full-scale war in Ukraine. For example, South Africa and China have previously presented "peace plans," but their initiatives did not include the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine's territory.