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US preparing new military aid packages for Ukraine - State Department

US preparing new military aid packages for Ukraine - State Department Archive photo: Spokesperson for the United States Department of State Matthew Miller (Getty Images)

The United States is preparing new military aid packages for Ukraine that will allow it to return to the previous level of arms supplies, according to US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.

The journalists asked whether the US would accelerate the supply of weapons to Ukraine in light of the latest Russian missile attack.

The State Department spokesperson said he had no additional announcements on this, but reminded them that the United States had recently provided more than $1 billion in aid to Ukraine.

The official added that they were working on other packages and he thinks that they would return to the pace they were at before the funding break.

Miller also added that new aid packages should be expected to be announced.

Military assistance to Ukraine from the United States

For a long time, Washington could not approve the law on assistance to Ukraine, but recently Congress voted in favor of it.

President Joe Biden immediately announced a $1 billion military aid package for Ukraine. A short time later, Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin announced the largest aid package for Ukraine, worth $6 billion.

At the same time, Austin clarified that it was too early to talk about the effect on the battlefield of the US military assistance provided to Ukraine.