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US preparing $300 mln aid to Ukraine, Armed Forces shot down another Russian Su-25 - Thursday brief

US preparing $300 mln aid to Ukraine, Armed Forces shot down another Russian Su-25 - Thursday brief Collage by RBC-Ukraine

The United States is preparing a military aid package for Ukraine worth nearly $300 million. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military shoots down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft.

RBC-Ukraine has compiled the main news for May 23.

Russia's war against Ukraine: Latest

Ukrainian military shoots down another Su-25

Ukrainian military shot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft today, May 23, according to the 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after General Marko Bezruchko.

The day before, servicemen of the 110th Brigade had already shot down one enemy attack aircraft, and today, they hit another Russian Su.

"Another two enemy aircraft were downed in our direction. The day before, our guys grounded an enemy Su-25 in the Donbas steppes. That's one. And today, the irrepressible anti-aircraft gunners of the 110th Mechanized Brigade sniped another Su. That's two," the brigade said on its Facebook page.

US prepares nearly $300 mln military aid package for Ukraine

The United States is preparing a military aid package for Ukraine worth nearly $300 million, set to be allocated tomorrow.

"The United States is expected to announce an additional $275 million in military aid for Ukraine on Friday," writes the agency.

This will be the fourth tranche of military aid to Ukraine since Congress passed the foreign aid bill for Ukraine late last month.

According to the agency, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) need this aid to deter the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region.

American officials informed journalists that the package would include High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and 155mm and 105mm artillery shells.

UK sends aid package to Ukraine to bolster air defense

The UK is sending a military package worth £150 million (over €217 million) to Ukraine to bolster its air and maritime defense.

According to Shapps, this package will help protect Ukraine's damaged infrastructure.

The UK and its allies have provided air defense radars, decoy targets, and electronic warfare systems worth £70 million (€81 million).

Additionally, £80 million (€110 million) is allocated for small boats, reconnaissance drones, and unmanned surface vessels.

Ukrainian intelligence attacks Russian military-industrial complex targets in Tatarstan - Sources

Drones of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine struck several targets of the Russian military-industrial complex in Tatarstan.

The strike drones have already reached Kazan and Nizhnekamsk, where several strategically important enterprises whose products are used in the military industry are located.

Local media reported explosions in Nizhnekamsk. In addition, employees are being evacuated from Nizhnekamsk Thermal Power Plant, Nizhnekamsk Carbon, Orgsintez, Taneco, TAIF-NK, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, and "Nizhnekamskshina.

Drones attack military unit in Krasnodar Krai, Russia - Sources

On May 23, drones attacked one of the Russian military units located in the Krasnodar Krai. A fire broke out, according to the ASTRA Telegram channel.

"The UAVs attacked the military unit of the 818th separate radio technical center in the Krasnodar Krai," the report says.

ASTRA found out that in the morning, on May 23, in the village of Glubokii, Krasnodar Krai, drones attacked the territory of military unit 41003. A fire broke out after the attack, with casualties remaining unknown.

Security guarantees: Ukraine and Norway finalize text of agreement

Ukraine and Norway have finalized the text of a bilateral security agreement. It will be signed at the earliest opportunity, according to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Today, Zelenskyy had a phone conversation with the Prime Minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Støre.

"Thanked him for concrete actions in isolating Russia. We discussed the situation on the battlefield and defense cooperation. Our teams have finalized the text of a bilateral security agreement, which we will sign at the earliest opportunity," the president said.

According to Zelenskyy, the Prime Minister confirmed Norway's participation in the Peace Summit in Switzerland.