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US Democrats ready to support aid to Ukraine on credit to break deadlock

US Democrats ready to support aid to Ukraine on credit to break deadlock Bennie Thompson, a Democrat and member of the U.S. House of Representatives (Photo by US Department of Agriculture on Flickr)
Author: Daria Shekina

Democratic Party members in both houses of Congress are ready to support the idea of assisting Ukraine in the form of a loan. This is necessary to break the deadlock, according to The Hill.

"Democrats support aid to Ukraine. Whether you call it a loan, or whatever, get ‘em some resources. You’ve got to get them some help. So if it comes in a loan, it’s help; if it comes as an aid package with no requirements, it’s still help," said Rep. Bennie Thompson, the senior Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren noted that Ukraine "desperately needs money" from the US, and lawmakers are trying to find any possible way to restore aid.

"If there’s a way to structure money to Ukraine in a way that gets Republican votes, then I’d sure take a hard look at that," she added.

But not all Democrats agree that assistance to Ukraine should be provided in any form.

"Keep in mind that both Israel and Ukraine — but especially Ukraine — have got to borrow a lot of money in order to deal with this war. So if you’re going to impair their credit-worthiness — and even Israel’s credit rating has gone down — that’s hurting your ally while pretending to help your ally. So these are not good changes" said Democrat and House member Brad Sherman.

Aid to Ukraine from the US

The US Congress has been unable to approve new .for aid to Ukraine for several months. As a result, the supply of weapons has been virtually suspended.

The US Senate has already passed a bill providing about $60 billion in assistance to Ukraine on a grant basis. To enact the document, the support of the House of Representatives is needed.

House Speaker Mike Johnson refuses even to bring such an initiative to a vote. He has repeatedly stated that he wants to consider assistance to Ukraine in connection with money for protecting the American border from migrants.

At the same time, Politico wrote that congressional Republicans are increasingly supporting the idea of providing Ukraine with part of the aid in the form of a loan.