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US and Israel deny involvement in attack on military base in Iraq

US and Israel deny involvement in attack on military base in Iraq Israel and the US deny accusations of an attack on Iraq (photo: Getty Images)

Military officials from Israel and the US have denied involvement in the strike on an Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces military base near Baghdad, according to the US Central Command.

"We are aware of reports claiming that the US conducted airstrikes in Iraq today. Those reports are not true. The US has not conducted air strikes in Iraq today," the statement said.

Meanwhile, an Israeli official told CNN that Israel is not involved in the explosions in Iraq.

Aerial attack on Iraq

Late in the evening on Friday, April 19, a powerful explosion occurred near Baghdad at a military base used by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).

According to latest reports, five explosions rocked the headquarters of the PMF at the Kalsu military base near the town of Al-Mashru on the highway north of Babylon province.

Mohannad al-Anazi, a member of the Security Committee in Babylon province, stated that at least three members of the PMF were injured as a result of the attack.

The attack caused significant material damage. A forensic team is working at the scene of the incident.

Observers often note that the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) - a coalition of militias - nominally operate under the control of the Iraqi military.

What preceded this

In early January, it became known that after a series of attacks on American forces in the Middle East, the US military conducted an airstrike in Baghdad. The attack targeted a high-ranking commander of the Iraqi militia, whom they accuse of attacks on US forces in the country.

In response to other attacks on their military bases in the Middle East, US forces struck two targets in Syria belonging to Iran.