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US Ambassador to Ukraine reacts to Russian missile strike on Kyiv

US Ambassador to Ukraine reacts to Russian missile strike on Kyiv Photo: US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Russian massive missile attack on Kyiv on March 21 could be Russia's response to the meeting of security advisers in Kyiv, where the peace formula was discussed, according to US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink.

The Ambassador comments on today's Russian attack on Kyiv, as a result of which more than 10 people were injured, including a child.

"Russia’s answer to yesterday’s gathering in Kyiv of NSAs from countries around the world to discuss Zelenskyy’s peace formula? " says Brink.

She also thanks the soldiers of the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine for their protection.

On March 20, Jake Sullivan, the adviser to the US President on national security, arrived in Kyiv. He held a meeting with the head of the President's Office, AndriI Yermak.

Russian shelling of Kyiv on March 21

On the night of March 21, the Russian army fired over Ukraine 29 Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles from strategic bombers, as well as an Iskander-M ballistic missile and a Kinzhal-type missile. All missiles were destroyed in the Kyiv region.

The main blow was aimed at Kyiv. There were no direct rocket hits in the capital, but due to the fall of fragments of downed missiles, there was damage in three districts.

According to the latest data, as a result of a rocket attack in Kyiv, 13 people were injured. It is known that at least two people were hospitalized.

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