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US aid to Ukraine vital to deter China, Taiwan's Foreign Minister says

US aid to Ukraine vital to deter China, Taiwan's Foreign Minister says Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (Getty Images)

A pause in American arms supplies to Ukraine will push China towards aggression against Taiwan, fueling Beijing's propaganda that the United States is an unreliable partner, according to Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, The New York Times reports.

“When people ask us whether it is OK for the United States to abandon Ukraine, the answer is no, because the world is operating not in a black-and-white way, or if you only look at one theater at a time,” he said. “The world is interconnected.”

According to him, China will perceive the US abandoning Ukraine as a hint that if it continues its pressure on Taiwan, the US and its allies are going to back off.

"The thinking among Chinese officials would be this: “OK, since Russia could do that, we can do that as well.” So the US determination in providing support to those countries suffering from authoritarian aggression, it is very important," Wu stressed.

The diplomat adds that if Russia can occupy a larger part of Ukraine and declare victory, “it would be seen as a victory of authoritarian states because Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, they are now linked together.”

US aid to Ukraine

The US Congress has been unable to provide new funding assistance to Ukraine for several months.

The bill for $60 billion in military and financial aid to Ukraine recently passed the Senate. However, the House of Representatives refuses to consider it.

House Speaker Mike Johnson pledged that the aid to Ukraine in Congress would be taken up immediately after the budget vote.