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Unmanned boats attack Russian naval base in Novorossiysk

Unmanned boats attack Russian naval base in Novorossiysk Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

An attack by unmanned boats on Novorossiysk was announced by the mayor of the city, Andrey Kravchenko. Residents also report explosions.

According to Russian media and Telegram channels, traditionally the Armed Forces of Ukraine are blamed for the strike on the city.

Residents write that explosions have been heard from the sea for about 30 minutes. Authorities ask city residents not to approach windows, to hide in a room whose windows do not face the sea, or in rooms without windows and with solid walls.

An alarm is sounding in the city.

RIA Novosti agency, citing the Russian Ministry of Defense, reported that two unmanned boats allegedly heading towards Novorossiysk were destroyed at night in the Black Sea.

At the beginning of June, partisans tracked how the occupiers were unloading Kalibr missiles in the port of Novorossiysk (Krasnodar Krai of the Russian Federation). The Russian army uses them to strike Ukraine.

On May 17, the Security Service of Ukraine and Defense Intelligence attacked the occupiers' targets in Sevastopol, Tuapse, and Novorossiysk with over a hundred drones. In the latter, explosions occurred near the fuel oil terminal and at the railway station.