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United States test new hypersonic missile: Details revealed

United States test new hypersonic missile: Details revealed The United States tested a new hypersonic missile (
Author: Maria Kholina

The Castelion Company has successfully conducted the test flight of its new hypersonic missile as part of its weapon development program, aiming to fly in the upper atmosphere at speeds exceeding five times the speed of sound, according to Reuters.

This milestone marks a significant advancement for Castelion, showcasing their rapid development approach.

"This test flight, this first of many planned for this year, demonstrates our rapid development approach and is a major milestone for the company. We now have a low-cost hypersonic test platform ready to launch on demand," Bryon Hargis, CEO of Castelion, emphasized the importance of this achievement.

Having secured contracts with the US Army and Navy, Castelion has been quietly conducting numerous component tests of the missile since June 2023, supported by investments totaling $14.2 million from Andreessen Horowitz and Lavrock Ventures.

The company aims to develop a complete weapons system comprising the hypersonic missile, a control station, and a data transmission line. Successful testing of Castelion's missile system raises the stakes for competitors like RTX and Lockheed Martin, Pentagon's defense contractors vying for billions in investments in hypersonic weaponry.

US hypersonic missile development

President Joe Biden previously invoked the Defense Production Act to expand the base for developing, testing, and manufacturing new hypersonic weapon systems. Shortly after, the US Navy awarded a contract worth nearly $2 billion to Lockheed Martin for installing hypersonic weapons on destroyers.

Reports indicate that the first successful launch of the AGM-183A missile was conducted in late 2022, reaching speeds five times that of sound before detonating in the designated area. However, March 2023 witnessed unsuccessful tests.

In late August last year, the United States also conducted new tests of the AGM-183A ARRW air-launched hypersonic missile off the coast of Southern California.