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Unexpected reasons for constant fatigue

Unexpected reasons for constant fatigue What are the unexpected causes of constant fatigue (photo:

The constant fatigue experienced by many people is mostly attributed to the spring weather, chronic lack of sleep, stress, and anxiety. However, there are reasons that you may not even have thought of, says nutritionist Natalia Samoylenko on Instagram.

Reason 1: Iodine, iron, or vitamin D deficiency

In spring, we often face the problem of body deficiency states. An analysis will help you check for a deficiency of these important elements.

If a low level is confirmed, don't self-medicate or buy medications in tablet form—balancing your diet correctly can help raise the deficient level. Only a doctor can determine the dosage and prescribe medications for you.

Reason 2. Disorders of the intestinal microflora

Our intestines contain trillions of beneficial bacteria that help digest food and are an essential part of our body's immune system. Antibiotic use and a poor diet can disrupt the bacterial balance in the intestines. The body stops producing beneficial microbiota and expends all energy on processing harmful food.

Cause 3: Consuming too few calories

When we consume too few calories to cover our basic needs, our metabolism slows down and conserves energy, potentially leading to fatigue.

"Take care of your overall health because our body always signals, and the main thing is to consult specialists in time to identify the causes and eliminate them effectively," advises the expert.

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