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Unexpected culprits: These two factors rob your internet speed

Unexpected culprits: These two factors rob your internet speed Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Surely, you've noticed that in one spot, the router provides faster internet, but when you move to another location, the network connection significantly deteriorates.

The factors that can worsen internet speed are reported by The Sun.

Metal objects

Underfloor heating can significantly slow down your internet speed, especially if your router needs to spread Wi-Fi across multiple floors.

As the system contains metal elements, they make it harder for signals to pass through. To avoid obstacles, you might need to set up routers on each floor.

Similarly, any other metal objects in the house affect the router. The device emits electromagnetic radio waves. This means that metal can absorb these waves, decreasing Wi-Fi quality.

Hydronic heating

If you use hydronic heating in your home, you might also encounter internet speed issues. Hydronic heating involves the movement of water or gas through pipes in the house.

Water acts as another barrier to Wi-Fi signals. Since water easily absorbs the radiation emitted by the router, it creates a 'dead zone' without a signal in that area.

Therefore, if your router is near a significant amount of water or pipes, consider relocating it to a place with fewer metal objects.

Experts note that a large vase filled with water or a fish tank can also slow down internet speed.