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Ukrainians in Czechia: Increasing numbers of refugees learn language, find jobs

Ukrainians in Czechia: Increasing numbers of refugees learn language, find jobs Ukrainian refugees in Czechia (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

Ukrainian refugees in Czechia are increasingly mastering the Czech language and starting to work officially. However, they often agree to low-paying jobs.

The situation regarding the integration of Ukrainians in Czechia in August 2023 is reported, according to

Changes in the support program for Ukrainian refugees in Czechia, implemented from July 1st, which included the discontinuation of free accommodation after 150 days, had increased employment rates for people with temporary protection. This was stated earlier by the Czech Minister of Labor, Marian Jurečka.

According to the Czech Labor Office, nearly 110,000 refugees with temporary protection were employed in July. In total, there are 325,742 registered Ukrainian refugees in Czechia.

According to a study by "Voice of Ukrainians" conducted by PAQ Research, 67% of employable refugees work full or part-time. This is a 22% increase compared to August 2022.

At the same time, there has been a significant increase in understanding the Czech language. This progress can be attributed not only to language courses but also to interactions with Czech people. It is noted that in the previous year, only 16% of Ukrainian refugees could communicate in Czech, whereas in the summer of 2023, this number increased to 44%.

Although the situation is improving, the language barrier remains. Therefore, newcomers often agree to work below their qualifications, for example, in warehouses or as cleaners.

In June 2023, only 30% of Ukrainians were working at the same or a similar level as in Ukraine. On the other hand, 58% found jobs below their qualifications. According to surveys, two-thirds of Ukrainians work for a maximum of 150 Czech crowns ($6 USD) per hour, while the average wage in Czechia at the end of 2022 was approximately 220 crowns per hour ($9,98 USD).