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Ukrainian soldiers destroy Russian Solntsepek system with HIMARS

Ukrainian soldiers destroy Russian Solntsepek system with HIMARS Russian Solntsepek (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Ukrainian soldiers destroyed a Russian heavy flamethrower system Solntsepek with HIMARS, according to the Special Operations Forces.

Reportedly, while conducting reconnaissance in the southern direction, the crew of the 73rd Marine Center of the Special Forces discovered a heavy flamethrower system (TOS-1A) Solntsepek disguised under the crowns of trees.

The system is used to destroy light armored vehicles, manpower, and enemy fortifications.

Solntsepek is fired by unguided 220 mm rockets weighing up to 200 kg.

The Special Operations Forces operators identified the coordinates of the heavy flamethrower system and directed HIMARS fire from the missile and artillery unit of the Ukrainian Defense Forces at it.

"As a result of the fire damage, the Solntsepek was destroyed to the ground," the Ukrainian Armed Forces add.

Russian losses in Ukraine

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia's losses in the war against Ukraine as of Tuesday morning, January 9, amounted to 820 occupiers, bringing the total number of Russian army losses since the beginning of the invasion to 365,990. In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 10 vehicles, 18 cruise missiles, and 9 armored personnel carriers.