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Ukrainian refugees in Latvia - Government increases funding by 10 million euros

Ukrainian refugees in Latvia - Government increases funding by 10 million euros The Latvian government has allocated additional funding for Ukrainian refugees (photo: Getty Images)

The Latvian government will provide an additional 10 million euros in financial support for Ukrainian refugees, according to Delfi.

The Latvian government plans to increase funding for local self-government bodies by approximately 10 million euros to provide support for Ukrainian refugees.

At the beginning of March this year, an order was issued to allocate 21 million euros to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development to cover the expenses of local self-government bodies in 2023, including support provided to Ukrainian citizens, including accommodation and meals.

Now the government plans to increase funding to 32 million euros to continue covering the expenses incurred by local self-government bodies in supporting migrants from Ukraine.

The Minister of Finance will inform the Budget and Finance Committee of the Saeima (Latvian parliament) about the changes in allocations.

If the Saeima Committee does not raise objections within five working days of receiving the relevant information, the changes in allocations will take effect.

Latvian aid for Ukraine

Latvia has been one of Ukraine's most active allies since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. It provides both military and political support to our country.

In particular, the country's parliament recently called on NATO to invite Ukraine to become a part of the Alliance.

Latvia has also reached an agreement with Canada for a joint training program for Ukrainian defenders. On August 25, it was announced that another Mi-17 helicopter would be transferred to Ukraine.