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Ukrainian Railways present unique Food Train

Ukrainian Railways present unique Food Train Ukrainian Railways present unique kitchen train (photo:

Ukrainian Railways launched a new train with a kitchen. This train will run from Kyiv to Kharkiv and Izium, reports the railways' press service.

Why is this train special?

Ukrzaliznytsia has launched another social project implemented together with the Howard Buffett Foundation. It is called Food Train.

On November 23, the train with goodies went to Kharkiv. The traditional Thanksgiving dishes, such as baked turkey, potatoes, and pumpkin pie, will be given as a sign of gratitude to those who, with their daily work, help the frontline region to hold on and continue the movement to victory: employees of the State Emergency Service, policemen, medics, railway workers. Meals from the Food Train will also be delivered to residents of cities needing food by Save Ukraine volunteers.

The train consists of 6 cars:

  • generator car (~400 kW + own gas station for autonomous operation);
  • a refrigerator car with a freezer for food storage;
  • a car with a cold kitchen for preliminary processing of products;
  • a car with a hot kitchen for preparing final dishes;
  • a car for train staff with a shower and washing machine;
  • luggage car with 27 thousand liters of water with filtration and pumping stations.

The Food Train can operate autonomously for 5-7 days, and the train's equipment allows it to prepare full meals: soups, cereals, salads, meat, etc.

Special thermoboxes installed inside the train make it easy to transport ready-made portioned food containers from the train-kitchen to the end consumer.