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Ukrainian POWs in Hungary: EU demands Budapest's explanation

Ukrainian POWs in Hungary: EU demands Budapest's explanation Peter Stano (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Hungary must explain its role in releasing Ukrainian prisoners of war from Russia, as well as its communication with the Ukrainian government on this matter, according to the spokesperson for the European Commission on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Peter Stano's comment to Delfi.

Peter Stano said that Russia must adhere to its obligations under international humanitarian law and ensure humane treatment of prisoners of war under all circumstances in accordance with the Geneva Conventions. It should not endanger their lives.

"As for Hungary, its authorities should clarify the details and their involvement in the release of Ukrainian citizens who are held by Russia as POWs, as well as Hungary's communication on this issue with the Ukrainian government," said Stano.

Russia transferred Ukrainian POWs to Hungary

RBC-Ukraine sources reported that the Russian Orthodox Church wanted to transfer 11 Ukrainian prisoners of war to Hungary. However, this decision was not coordinated with Ukraine. On June 9, Hungary confirmed the transfer of the Ukrainian POWs from Russia.

Later, the Hungarian ambassador was summoned to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to this incident.

As of June 19, Ukrainian diplomats still have not gained access to the POWs in Hungary. They may be held in isolation without access to open sources of information. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands that a consul be allowed to visit the prisoners in order to assess their condition and provide consular assistance.