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Ukrainian port under Russian attack: Drones assault aftermath

Ukrainian port under Russian attack: Drones assault aftermath Russians attacked Ukraine with Shaheds on December 7 (RBC-Ukraine collage)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Last night, on December 7, Russia once again attacked Ukraine with Iranian-made drones. The enemy again focused on Ukraine's port infrastructure.

Sources used: Telegram channels of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration Oleh Kiper, the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Prokudin, the head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration Ihor Moroz, and the Facebook page of the deputy head of the Khmelnytskyi Regional Military Administration Serhii Tiurin.

Drones launched by Russia

On the night of December 7, air alerts were declared in some regions of Ukraine due to the threat of kamikaze drone attacks.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, the occupiers launched 18 Shaheds from the territory of the occupied Crimea (Cape Chauda) that night. The main areas of attack were Odesa and Khmelnytskyi regions.

Air defense forces destroyed 15 drones. In the south of Ukraine, 11 Shaheds were shot down.

Ukrainian port under Russian attack: Drones assault aftermath

Odesa region

Last night, the occupiers attacked the Izmail district of the Odesa region with attack drones for almost two hours. The port infrastructure of the Danube region was under attack.

The attack damaged a warehouse, an elevator, and trucks. The drone strike caused a fire, which has been extinguished.

Local authorities reported that the driver of one of the trucks was killed.

The Odesa Region Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case for violating the laws and customs of war (Part 2 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Ukrainian port under Russian attack: Drones assault aftermath

The Russians attacked the Izmail district (

Izmail is home to a seaport. This is an important logistics hub for Ukraine, where sea, river, rail, and road transport are concentrated.

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion and due to the Russian blockade of the seas, the port of Izmail has increased its workload. The occupiers have repeatedly attacked the port.

Khmelnytskyi region

The Ukrainian Air Force emphasized that the Khmelnytskyi region was one of the areas of enemy attack last night. At night, explosions were heard in the region due to air defense.

According to local authorities, there were no casualties due to the drone attack, and no damage to infrastructure was reported.

Mykolaiv region

In the Mykolaiv region, three Shaheds were destroyed last night. There is no information about the damage.

The Southern Defense Forces explained that the occupiers tried to bypass Ukrainian air defense by launching drones from Crimea through the left-bank part of the Kherson region.

Other attacks

In the Kherson region, 88 attacks were recorded over the past day, with the occupiers using artillery, mortars, Grad rocket launchers, tanks, aircraft, and drones.

The Russians fired 29 shells at Kherson over the last day. In general, residential areas were hit, and a pumping station was damaged in Beryslav district. There were no casualties or injuries.

In the Donetsk region, four people were wounded in the Russian Federation: two residents of Avdiivka, and residents of Andriivka and Nelipivka.