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Ukrainian national team made stunning comeback against Iceland in Euro 2024

Ukrainian national team made stunning comeback against Iceland in Euro 2024 Viktor Tsyhankov equalized at the start of the second half (photo:

The Ukrainian national team secured a hard-fought victory over Iceland in the playoff final of the UEFA Euro 2024 qualification.

More details on the match are here.

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Ukraine - Iceland - 2:1

Goals: Tsyhankov, 54, Mudryk, 84 - A. Guðmundsson, 30

The first minutes set the tone for the confrontation. At first, the initiative was taken by the wards of Serhiy Rebrov, and later the Icelanders took control of the ball. At the moment of Þorsteinsson's shot in the 14th minute, which Lunin dealt with, Mykolenko immediately responded - past the goal.

The teams continued to respond to attacks with attacks. Malinovskyi, who shot from afar near the near post of Valdimarsson, did not use the half-hour. But his teammate Albert Gudmundsson took advantage of his chance. He shook the defenses of the Ukrainians in the penalty area and skillfully shot into the corner with his left foot - 0:1.

Rebrov reacted instantly to the missed ball, sending Mykhaylichenko, Dovbyk, Vanat, and others to warm up. However, the main performers tried to playback. Sudakov's shot was turned into a corner by the goalkeeper, and Zabarnyi shot into Valdimarsson's hands after a set piece.

For the second time in a row, Yaremchuk almost became the hero. In the 39th minute, the forward of the Ukrainian national team closed Tsyhankov's shot from several meters. However, the assistant was offside when Sudakov lobbed to him from the depths. The goal before the break was canceled by the refereeing team.

The break between halves did not dampen the Ukrainians' spirits. From the start of the second 45 minutes, Rebrov's team launched a series of sharp attacks against the Icelandic possession. However, the blue-yellows scored when the nominal guests tried to bite back. After intercepting, Sudakov found Tsyhankov on the right with a radio-controlled pass, and he shifted to the center and put it brilliantly into the bottom corner.

The goal gave the Ukrainian national team confidence. Our boys completely took the initiative and forced Iceland to focus on defending their possessions. There were also new opportunities to score. Yaremchuk hit the net from outside the penalty area after a pass from Zinchenko. Then Valdimarsson pulled Sudakov's shot from a free kick from under the crossbar. And Mykolenko, playing as a center forward, shot past the goal after a pass from deep.

The Icelandic team bit back in the 77th minute. Þorsteinsson cunningly shot from outside the penalty area, but Lunin redirected the ball to a corner. After a set piece, Haraldsson sent the ball into the stands. But A. Guðmundsson openly forgave the blue-yellows a few minutes later, shooting past the goal after a mistake by Zabarnyi.

The happy culmination came in the 84th minute. Tsyhankov passed to Sudakov at the entrance to the penalty area, and he laid it off closer to the center for Mudryk to shoot. The English championship legionnaire skillfully shot into the far corner and put the Ukrainian national team ahead - 2:1!

The final minutes were nerve-wracking for the fans, but the blue-yellows played confidently. They pushed the game further away from their half, earned set pieces, and technically kept the ball under control. Finally, referee Turpin confirmed Rebrov's team's victory and confirmed the Ukrainian national team's qualification for the fourth consecutive European Championship! There, they will face Belgium, Slovakia, and Romania.