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Ukrainian mlitary destroyed enemy EW (Electronic Warfare) systems near Avdiivka

Ukrainian mlitary destroyed enemy EW (Electronic Warfare) systems near Avdiivka Military destroyed enemy EW (Electronic Warfare) systems near Avdiivka (photo: Getty Images)

The Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, near Avdiivka, adjusted fire on the enemy's electronic warfare assets, according to the statement on Telegramm-channel.

"During reconnaissance operations near Avdiivka, operators of the 3rd Regiment of the Special Operations Forces identified and recognized two enemy electronic warfare assets - the R-330 Zhytel complex and the R-934 station of the Borisoglebsk-2 complex," military sources reported.

According to their information, after conducting pre-reconnaissance, Special Operations Forces adjusted the artillery fire of the Defense Forces units on enemy targets.

"As a result of accurate strikes, one target was disabled, and the other was destroyed," added the Special Operations Forces.

Military officials noted that the outcomes of this operation will enhance the capabilities of the Defense Forces in this direction, and the enemy will feel the impact.

Russian losses in the war against Ukraine

The Russian leadership conceals its military losses in the occupation war against Ukraine. The losses of equipment, aviation, and other war assets are also not disclosed.

Opposition Russian media have compiled a list with names of over 36,000 occupiers who died in the war in Ukraine. Among them are at least 197 pilots.

At the same time, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that over 310,000 occupiers have been eliminated. In just the last day, Ukrainian fighters have destroyed over 1,100 Russians. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, 322 aircraft and 324 helicopters of the Russian Federation have been destroyed.