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Ukrainian military strikes 2 Russian ships in the Black Sea

Ukrainian military strikes 2 Russian ships in the Black Sea Vasily Bykov patrol ship (kchf ru)

Ukrainian Defense Forces struck two Russian patrol ships in the Black Sea on Thursday morning, September 14, according to Ukrainian Armed Forces StratCom.

According to the statement, the strike was carried out on two Russian Vasily Bykov patrol boats, causing them certain damage.

"On the morning of September 14, 2023, the Defense Forces attacked two patrol ships of the project 22160 Vasily Bykov of the occupation fleet of the Russian Federation in the southwestern part of the Black Sea," the message says.

Vasily Bykov class ships are a series of Russian patrol ships (corvettes) of the 3rd rank. They are equipped with guided missile weaponry for both close and long-range naval operations. These were the first Russian ships to employ a modular weapons concept.

Destruction of the Minsk landing ship

A missile strike was delivered on the bay of temporarily occupied Sevastopol. As a result of the attack, a submarine and an enemy landing ship were damaged, as well as the ship repair plant named after Ordzhonikidze.

RBC-Ukraine confirmed this information with the Defense Intelligence.

For more details on this historic strike, you can refer to the RBC-Ukraine article.