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Ukrainian intelligence launches attack on Aviation Plant in Russia

Ukrainian intelligence launches attack on Aviation Plant in Russia Illustrative photo: Ukrainian fighters attacked the Smolensk Aviation Plant with drones (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Fighters of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense this night attacked the Smolensk Aviation Plant in Russia with drones. The operation was successful, the targets were hit, the sources in the special services say.

As the source said, on the night of November 27, explosions rang out in the Smolensk region. It was a drone attack.

"It was a successful operation, the targets were hit," the interlocutor says.

According to RBC-Ukraine, this operation was carried out by the GUR, and the target was the Smolensk Aviation Plant.

What do they say in the Russian Federation?

Russian sources also reported on the attack on the Smolensk region on November 26. Traditionally, the Russians blamed Ukraine. The enemy claims that at least two aircraft-type drones flew in the direction of the plant.

The Russians claim to "destroy all drones." However, they note that one of the UAVs nevertheless fell on the roof of one of the plant's workshops and exploded. As a result, the roof itself and the ceiling beam were damaged. The occupiers do not report any casualties either.

Not the first such attack

In October of this year, drones attacked the Smolensk Aviation Plant in Russia, which produces Kh-59 missiles. Then, as a result of the operation of the MDI, the production process of these missiles with various modifications was disrupted.

According to confirmed data, three out of four drones hit the target, causing significant damage to the production facilities of the military enterprise of the aggressor state.