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Ukrainian intelligence destroys Russian ship Sergei Kotov in Crimea

Ukrainian intelligence destroys Russian ship Sergei Kotov in Crimea Photo: Russian ship Sergei Kotov hit in Crimea (Russian media)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

In Crimea, Ukrainian drones hit the Russian ship Sergei Kotov. This was a special operation involving the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, according to a source in the special services.

In particular, a source in the intelligence services confirmed the defeat of the Russian patrol ship Project 22160 Sergei Kotov. The special operation was carried out with the participation of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

The Russian ship was attacked by naval drones, the source adds.

What kind of ship is it?

The Sergei Kotov is a modular patrol ship of the 22160 project. It is one of the newest ships in the Russian Navy. It was launched in 2021 and became the fourth ship in the series, joining the ranks of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The total displacement is 1800 tons, the crew consists of 80 people, and the autonomy of navigation is up to 60 days.

What preceded it

Last night, explosions were heard near the temporarily occupied Kerch. It was reported online that the Russian ship Sergei Kotov could have been sunk as a result of the drone attack. This was later confirmed by pro-Russian media themselves.

It was reported that the ship had gone down and that there were casualties among the crew. In total, after midnight, eyewitnesses in Kerch counted five powerful explosions.

Reaction of the President's Office and Armed Forces of Ukraine

Amid the news of the destruction of another enemy ship, the head of the Presidential Office, Andrii Yermak, wrote that "The Russian Black Sea Fleet is a symbol of occupation. It must not be in the Ukrainian Crimea".

There was also a reaction from the military. The spokesperson for the Southern Defense Forces, Natalia Humeniuk, commented on the new strikes in the occupied Crimea.

"Something explodes in Crimea within the framework of the laws and rules of warfare that Ukraine adheres to when a list of events occurs. This is called the bavovna (explosion ironically - ed.) season. Fortunately, when it begins, and a new stage of it began on March 1, with the warming, with spring, we can say that our potential is not lost. We have the seeds, and if we sow abundantly, we will reap the harvest. So far, we are enjoying the process," she said.