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Ukrainian Intelligence confirms installation of missiles on Magura drones

Ukrainian Intelligence confirms installation of missiles on Magura drones Photo: Magura drones are equipped with anti-aircraft missiles (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Defense Intelligence of Ukraine has confirmed the installation of R-73 missiles on one of the new modifications of the Magura unmanned offshore platform, the commander of the DIU's Group 13 special unit, call-signed Trynadtsiatyi (Thirteenth - ed.), says.

The R-73 is a Soviet-made air-to-air missile with an infrared homing system.

Magura maritime attack drones equipped with such missiles have already been used during combat operations in the Black Sea, and this has become a serious factor of fear and risk for Russian aviation.

"Such developments are effective - the Russians are very afraid of them. When they see them, they are even afraid to fly," says Thirteen.

According to him, the uniqueness is that no one else has anything like it. "This weapon has already been installed, and it will give its results," he adds.

Magura maritime strike drones have already proven their effectiveness: they have deprived Russia of its dominance in the Black Sea and reduced threats to Ukraine.

"The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, with the support of aviation and other components, has been putting pressure and trying to create additional threats to Ukraine, our Security and Defense Forces: in particular, the threat of amphibious operations. Naval drones, especially the Magura V5, have become such an asymmetric response that the enemy still cannot catch up with," says the Group 13 commander.

The Magura V5 is a multi-purpose surface ship capable of conducting surveillance, reconnaissance, patrolling, rescue, and combat missions. It has already eliminated several Russian ships.