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Ukrainian government intends to confiscate 50 large Russian enterprises: List released

Ukrainian government intends to confiscate 50 large Russian enterprises: List released Cabinet of Ministers to confiscate 50 large enterprises from Russians (Photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The Cabinet of Ministers plans to adopt a decision on the forced seizure of property rights objects in Ukraine owned by Russia and its residents during the meeting on December 5, the Member of Parliament Yaroslav Zhelezniak reported in his Telegram channel.

"The discussion concerns 50 objects," Zhelezniak wrote, providing a list. According to him, accompanying documents indicate that the "Krukovsky Wagon-Building Plant" and "Brocard-Ukraine" were somehow removed from the list. At the same time, the "Industrial Union of Donbas," "Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant," and "Dnipro Metallurgical Plant" were added.

According to the document, the plan involves seizing shares of Russians in the following enterprises:

"Institute Southernhigaz" (Donetsk)

"Kramatorsk Cement Plant - Pushka" (Kramatorsk)

Inter-Republican Association of Business and Scientific-Technical Cooperation of Gas Economies (Kyiv)

"Ukrainian Energy Machines" (Kharkiv)


"Halychpharm" (Severodonetsk)

"Zhytomyr-Lada" (Zhytomyr)

"Green Cape" (Simferopol)

"Poltava-Lada" (Poltava)

Scientific-Production Association for the Creation and Implementation of Civil Aircraft AN-72, AN-74, and their Modifications "URAN" (Kharkiv)

"Vnesheconombank" (Kyiv)

International Association "Welding" (Kyiv)

Sanatorium-Preventorium "POLIT" (Sudak)

"Pension Zorya" (Sudak)

Ukrainian-Russian Humanitarian-Economic College (Yalta)

"471 Trade Division Management of Trade of the Red Banner Black Sea Fleet" (Sevastopol)

"Dontulazbroya" (Donetsk)

"Planet-Build" (Kyiv)

Sevastopol Comprehensive Design Department of the 23rd State Marine Project Institute

1472 Military-Marine Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Sevastopol)

"Construction Management of the Black Sea Fleet of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation" (Sevastopol)

Association "Highly-High Pipeline Transport" (Kyiv)

"Joint Ukrainian-Russian Enterprise "Bugaz" (Sudak)

"Pension Zvezda" (Crimea)

"771 Repair Plant of Communication Means of the Black Sea Fleet" (Sevastopol)

"International Consortium for the Management and Development of the Gas Transmission System of Ukraine" (Kyiv)

"Poltava-Capital" (Poltava)

"Kharkiv-Capital" (Kharkiv)

"Prague-Kyiv Cooling Towers" (Kyiv)

""Moscow Cultural-Business Center "Dom Moskvy in Donetsk"

"Gazprom Sales Ukraine" (Kyiv)

"Gupmi" (Crimea)

"Gazpromneft Lubricants Ukraine" (Kyiv)

"Tatneft-AZS-Ukraine" (Poltava)

"Gazprom Export" (Kyiv)

"Maritime Register of Shipping in Ukraine" (Odesa)

"Zhefko Ukraine" (Kyiv)

"Industrial Union of Donbass" (Kramatorsk)

"Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant"

"Dnipro Metallurgical Plant" (Kamianske)

"Alchevsk Cokemaking Plant"

"Lysychansk Oil Investment Company"

"Segezha Oriana Ukraine" (Kalush)

"Segezha Packaging Ukraine" (Kalush)

"Rosatom Eastern Europe" (Kyiv)

Sanctions against Russia

Ukraine has imposed multiple levels of sanctions against Russia and Kremlin-related oligarchs. At the beginning of the invasion in 2022, the NBU prohibited the circulation of the ruble and closed Russian state banks. Ukrainian courts continually confiscate Russian assets.

Moreover, the Verkhovna Rada approved the decision of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) on sanctions against the defense industry of Russia and Belarus for a term of 50 years.