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Ukrainian forces show Bradley vehicle destroying Russian APC

Ukrainian forces show Bradley vehicle destroying Russian APC Photo: Bradley infantry fighting vehicle (illustration/Getty Images)

In the Pokrovsk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding back the enemy onslaught. Specifically, a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle destroyed a Russian armored personnel carrier along with its landing party at close range, according to the Ukrainian Ground Forces.

"Russian occupiers are not reducing the pace of their assault. The epicenter of the fighting is precisely in the Pokrovsk direction. Here, the enemy is attempting to advance deeper into our territory," military sources report.

At the same time, soldiers of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade are holding back at least three Russian combat brigades.

"With substantial reserves of manpower, the Russians swiftly replenish their staggering losses and repeatedly engage in combat. The fighting shows no signs of abating for a moment. The APC you see in the video breached into the settlement. The crew of the Bradley had to react immediately," added in the Ground Forces.

Situation in the Pokrovsk direction

The situation in the Pokrovsk direction has sharply escalated over the past week. Russians have intensified their activities, aiming to penetrate Ukrainian defenses.

As earlier clarified by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, these actions by the Russian Federation likely aim to advance towards Pokrovsk, Myrnohrad, and Selydove. It is not excluded that the occupiers specifically seek to seize Pokrovsk and the strategically vital route to Kostiantynivka.

As previously reported by RBC-Ukraine, Russia has not abandoned its goal to approach the borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Therefore, intense battles may concurrently unfold on two or even three fronts in the east this summer.