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Ukrainian drones target Russian Aviation Plant in Tatarstan - Intelligence reveales

Ukrainian drones target Russian Aviation Plant in Tatarstan - Intelligence reveales Ukrainian intelligence attacked an aircraft factory in Tatarstan where Tu-22M and Tu-160M produced (Photo: rosmedia)

This morning, UAVs from the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine attacked an aviation plant in Russian Tatarstan. The target was the Gorbunov Kazan Aircraft Plant, where the enemy manufactures and repairs Tu-22M and Tu-160M bombers, reports RBC-Ukraine's sources in the special services.

According to sources, explosions occurred on the territory of the Gorbunov Aviation Plant in Kazan on April 17th around 10 AM (Kyiv time). Local media and social media users reported that air raid sirens sounded in the area before the explosions. Simultaneously, personnel were evacuated from the plant's premises.

At the same time, Rosaviatsiya (Federal Air Transport Agency) announced that airports in Kazan, Nizhnekamsk, and Nizhny Novgorod temporarily stopped accepting and dispatching flights. Photos and videos of explosions at the plant's premises caused by UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) attacks started circulating online.

Aviation plant and its role in war against Ukraine

The Kazan Aircraft Production Association, named after S.P. Gorbunov, is a Russian aviation enterprise part of the Tupolev Public Joint Stock Company.

This plant manufactures and repairs Russian military aircraft, including strategic bombers Tu-22M and Tu-160M, which Russia uses to carry out missile attacks against Ukraine.

Not only Tatarstan. What is known about the recent drone attacks on Russia

In early April, Ukrainian drones reached Tatarstan for the first time, which is located over 1000 km from Ukraine. At that time, a Shahed assembly plant was targeted. An RBC-Ukraine source revealed that this was a DIU operation. Additionally, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) and DIU jointly conducted a drone attack in the same region on the Taneco oil refinery. This is one of the five largest refineries in Russia.

Regarding attacks on Russian oil refineries, they have recently occurred in several regions of the aggressor country. Recently, British intelligence reported that Russian oil refining capacities are even decreasing due to the attacks of strike drones, and damaged refineries will take longer to restore due to Western sanctions.

Moreover, calls from the West towards Ukraine have been urging Kyiv to cease strikes on Russian oil refineries, as this leads to global energy price increases and escalation of the war. In turn, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine explains that these attacks are part of a strategy to compel the Kremlin to withdraw troops from Ukrainian territory.

Furthermore, Russians continue to suffer losses on the occupied territories. Just last night, loud explosions were reported in Dzhankoy, where the enemy locates its helicopters. There are no official confirmations regarding the targets hit yet, but videos of a mighty fire, likely occurring at the same airfield, are circulating online.