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Ukrainian drones attacked three refineries in Russia at night

Ukrainian drones attacked three refineries in Russia at night Ukrainian drones attacked three refineries in Russia at night (Photo: russianmedia)

Tonight, Ukraine attacked three oil refineries with drones simultaneously, according to a source of RBC-Ukraine.

Oil refineries were attacked in Ryazan, Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region, and Kirishi, Leningrad region.

According to the source, these attacks continue a series of special operations against enemy oil refineries previously initiated by the Security Service of Ukraine.

"We are systematically implementing a meticulously calculated strategy to reduce Russia's economic potential. Our task is to deprive the enemy of resources and reduce the flow of oil money and fuel that Russia directs directly to the war, to the killings of our citizens," the source said.

Judging from the video on social media, the consequences of the attack were quite significant. Moreover, the refineries attacked today are among Russia's top 5 largest plants.

Additionally, according to the source, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), along with other representatives of the Armed Forces, attacked the Russian Aerospace Forces base in Buturlinovka and the military airfield in Voronezh with drones.

Attacks on oil refineries in Russia

Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian oil refineries are becoming increasingly systematic. Recently, a drone attacked one of the largest oil refineries in Yaroslavl.

RBC-Ukraine sources also reported that SSU drones hit the Tuapse oil refinery, resulting in a powerful fire.

Furthermore, SSU drones successfully targeted the Ust-Luga Oil terminal. Fuel processed there, including supplies for the Russian military, was affected.

Moreover, on the night of March 13, drones attacked an oil refinery in Ryazan, Russia. Eyewitnesses report a fire, and casualties are also known.