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Ukrainian border guards destroy enemy's warehouse filled with ammunition

Ukrainian border guards destroy enemy's warehouse filled with ammunition Photo: border guards destroyed a field warehouse with enemy mines in the south (Getty Images)

Ukrainian border guards destroyed an entire field camp of Russian occupiers, where they stored anti-tank mines, according to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

"A magical fiery spectacle! The enemy's field depot of anti-tank mines soared into the air," declare the border guards in the post accompanying the video.

Details of the elimination

As reported by the State Border Guard Service, aerial reconnaissance border guards in the south discovered a camouflaged field depot of anti-tank mines.

"Alongside fellow artillerymen, the defenders destroyed it," stated the State Border Guard Service.

Losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine

As of Sunday morning, November 26, the losses of Russia in the war in Ukraine amount to 1070 occupiers, with the total number of casualties in the Russian army since the beginning of the invasion reaching 324,830 military personnel. Additionally, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed 93 drones.

Particularly, according to the information from the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, in this direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine killed 47 occupiers, destroyed 1 tank, 1 BTR-82, 1 Grad multiple rocket launcher, 4 artillery pieces, and 3 units of automotive equipment. Moreover, 3 field supply points and 8 observation points were destroyed. Also, in the Tavria direction, within a day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated 639 Russian military personnel, and another 13 surrendered.

In total, for the week from November 20 to 26, Ukrainian military forces eliminated 6260 Russian soldiers. The Armed Forces of Ukraine also successfully destroyed 146 UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), 130 artillery systems, and 78 tanks.